The tone, tenor & body language which we use in communicating with clients, is paramount to a successful customer experience.

As an advisor or business owner, you’re responsible to deliver what your client needs & the buck stops with you, not with anyone else in the organisation. You are staking YOUR reputation on this & even if you can’t deliver what you’ve promised, you must communicate every step of the way & provide an alternative to ensure the customer is given the best advice & direction along the way.


It isn’t always going to be possible to deliver on every promise, things change, life can throw ‘curveballs’ along the way, but how we respond to these, is the key.


Communication, as in most areas of life is vitally important to your client. How they are made to feel throughout the interaction will depend on whether they remain a client or just a transaction. Under-promise & over-deliver always. The reason why you may not be able to fulfill a promise should never be over-stated to the client, they’re paying for excellent service, they don’t want your excuses, they’re paying for your edge in the market !!


Honesty when communicating is essential. The opinion that the client is always right is a myth, but still a client nevertheless…