The need to think creatively about ways to increase knowledge & so increase income, should be the focus of everyone in business.

I know that confidence plays a huge part in success. So how do you increase your confidence?

One way, is by getting in, or listening in on deals, and by ‘work-shopping’ scenarios. By continuing to do ‘more’ & ‘diverse’ deals, will undoubtedly build on to the experience you’ve already gained. Don’t over talk or bombard clients with what youthink you need to tell them. Breathe & let them initiate the conversation, and most importantly… Listen carefully to what they’re telling you.

How do you start to land those big deals? Well I guess the answer to that, is insurrounding yourself with people who play in that space. How do you get in that space?

1. Knowing what products are out there, by knowing I mean, having an innate & intrinsic understanding of how they work & more importantly how they may work for your client?

2. Credibility breeds confidence (on all sides). The more you do it, the more confident you are, the more credibly you’ll be perceived.

3. Having a big network or large number of contacts, doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to network.

You may only have a few contacts that you’ve earmarked as being ‘useful’ to you, but if you truly build rapport, engage & listen carefully to what they say, you’ll be surprised at not only what they reveal, but who they reveal. That is, if they trust you, they’ll start to entrust their networks to you.

So be confident in your ability to generate business. It’s not just about quantity, you also need quality.

My keys to building a productive client base:

1. Confidence

2. Credibility

3. Empathy (which includes listening)